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The intended expedition route will be from Novolaskaya Station (RUS) opposite South Africa, through the Pole of Inaccessability, to the South Pole (USA), onward to Vostok Station (RUS) and Home via Casey Station (AUS).

This will present a brave journey of exploration, breaking new grounds of human endurance, distance covered without support and in turn, push the envelope of expedition capability.

The Longest Journey will set a new bar for solo polar travel for Australia and the world.

It will be the most significant, historic, polar campaign since Mawson and his men undertook the TransAntarctic Expedition in 1911.

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As a team, the Longest Journey seeks to break several records and push the envelope of human travel within polar regions.

  • First Australian to travel solo unsupported to the Pole of Inaccessibility.
  • First solo unsupported journey to the South Pole via the Pole of Inaccessibility.
  • The longest solo polar journey in history (current record held by Rune Gjeddes 4814 km.) First solo crossing of the continent – long coast to long coast via the South Pole.
  • First crossing Novo to Casey via the POI and SP.

The team is a tight knit group of professionals – well accustomed to performing world- first expeditions and records.

Dr Geoff Wilson – Fastest crossing of Antarctica in history 53 days – solo unsupported 2014. First kite assisted crossing of the Sahara Desert 2009. First person to Kite Australia to Papua New Guinea. Well experienced in cold weather survival and a calm unflappable expeditioner. He’ll get the job done.

Eric Phillips OAE – well known Polar Guide and mentor – the key man in terms of permissions and planning. Also involved in an advisory capacity during the expedition.

Simon Goodburn – Basecamp, media liason, support and field advice. Also an experienced expeditioner in his own right – Simon provides invaluable base support and moral guidance for Geoff in the field.

Sarah Wilson – Communications support – daily interface between Geoff and the outside world. Sarah’s ability to re-motivate, guide and push Geoff from afar is also a vital tool in making sure the team complete all the goals they have set themselves.

Jade Goodburn – Planning, logistics and paymaster – making sure the expedition bills get paid, gear arrives when it should and that Geoff gets in and out on time.

Geoff’s equipment has improved since the “Pink Polar Expedition” however, the fundamentals are the same. All gear must have simple functionality, yet deliver optimal results. He will additionally carry a satellite dish system that will allow direct video to the outside world – also a first for a solo expedition.

Where: Antarctica 2016/2017
When: October 2016 (start date)

Watch Geoff Wilson’s Blrt

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