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Motivational speaking

Motivation is an essential element in any business. After all, it is what drives us. It’s what makes us hungry for continuous improvement. And for many companies it can be the difference between success and failure. This is where Geoff comes in.

Geoff Wilson is an Australian motivational speaker with a difference. Sure, he’s a vet, successful business owner and entrepreneur. But he’s also without a doubt one of Australia’s most accomplished adventurers.

Geoff holds multiple World Records including

  • The Longest Solo, Unsupported crossing of Antarctica
  • The First summit of Dome Argus, Solo and Unsupported
  • Longest land journey ever by kite across the Sahara Desert
  • First ever kite surfing expedition across the Torres Strait between Australia and Papua New Guinea
  • Fastest Solo unsupported crossing of Antarctica, coast to coast through the South Pole


  • Deeper engagement

    Geoff’s passion for life and adventure is infectious. His goal in life is to inspire men and women worldwide to live a life filled with purpose.

    Geoff believes in an ‘all in or not at all’ approach to life and business. He is man that doesn’t do things by halves and feels this may just be the secret to his success. It’s this ‘all in’ mentality that Geoff will share with your business. After all, when everyone is ‘all in’ you can create deeper engagement with your management and staff.

  • Improved motivation and drive

    Geoff is a motivational speaker in every sense of the word. His life achievements and upcoming goals are nothing short of inspiring. As a result, his talks have the power to kick start real change and breathe fresh air into your company.

    Geoff is also extremely relatable. An everyman who has achieved extraordinary feats. He is a master at aligning his personal experiences and achievements to your company’s goals.

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Inspiring workshops

Invigorate your executives or fire up your entire team with a 5th Element Expeditions training and development workshop.

We’ve taken some of the key learnings from our life-changing expeditions and distilled the experience into three team building workshops for your company to choose from.

Option one: In-house training and development

Geoff brings the adventure to your office or chosen venue. Every in-house training and development workshop will be tailored to the strengths and challenges of your organisation. These workshops are interactive and customisable.

Option two: Currumbin Valley event

You and your team are invited inside the training ground of the world-record holder himself. In this 1 or 2 day Currumbin Valley event, your team will be fully immersed into Geoff’s principles and steps to success. Physical challenges are also set to increase your team’s motivation and bond.

Option three: Go all out

Further afield stimulators for your core team can be created anywhere on the planet. These training and development workshops are just like the Currumbin Valley event but are designed for international businesses or those looking to add an extra element to their existing off-site training.


  • New perspectives

    Geoff may not be an expert in your industry but he is an expert in motivation. He can help you and your staff see existing challenges through a variety of lenses. After all, Geoff is not only a world record holding adventurer, he’s also a vet, a successful business owner, an entrepreneur and a family man.

    In your choice of training and development workshop, Geoff will draw on his wealth of experiences to help you and your staff view your current challenges and goals in completely new light.

  • Stronger team performance

    All three of our training and development workshops aim to strengthen the connections within your team, boost morale and ultimately, increase productivity and performance.

    The team challenges will also help your staff become better aware of their own talents and abilities.

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Corporate workshops and expeditions

A strong, focused and collaborative team is essential to the foundation of any successful business. That’s why the ideal training and development for your staff could be a purpose-built adventure. A group expedition where teamwork is key is the perfect way to reinvigorate your team and build lifelong bonds. Talk to us about creating a large-scale expedition for your whole team or a smaller group adventure with your top performers.

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