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Our philosophy

5th Element Expeditions create and carry out life-changing adventures to some of the world’s most remote and exciting destinations. We invite adventurers of all persuasions to join us as we explore and uncover all five elements – earth, water, wind, fire and the human spirit.

From horse riding with the Maasai to kite skiing the Norwegian Plateaus, our expeditions are designed to help you release the shackles of day-to-day living and reconnect you with your pioneering spirit.

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Geoff Wilson

Founder, Adventurer and Motivator

With three current world records under his belt, Dr Geoff Wilson is one of the world’s most accomplished desert, polar and kite-traction adventurers. He’s also the founder of 5th Element Expeditions.

As well as an extreme endurance expedition leader, Geoff is a veterinary surgeon, business owner, entrepreneur, public speaker and family man. With a passion for business and charitable giving, he is the living endorsement of the motto ‘all in or not at all’.

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Simon Goodburn

General Manager, Adventurer and Motivator

5th Element Expeditions General Manager, Simon Goodburn has a heart and head for the wild. The harshest environment has little impact on this born leader. All who journey with him attest to his skills in even the most remote and challenging places.

Simon is an accomplished IKO-qualified, kite-boarding instructor with a crossing of the infamous Torres Strait under his belt. He’s led countless expeditions to the furthest corners of the world. His endurance skills and ability to retain a good sense of humour (even under pressure), make him an ideal expedition leader.


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Jade Goodburn

Logistics Expert and Expedition Leader

You could say Jade was born to be an adventurer. The eldest child of Geoff and Sarah Wilson, she started life travelling through the UK and Europe in a red Bedford van. Even breaking her baby teeth on the toe ball of the red truck didn’t dampen her passion for adventure.

Jade has explored the far corners of the globe learning from her father along the way. She even lived at sea for 18 months on Calyspo JJ during a family sailing odyssey.

Jade shares the family’s penchant for pioneering expeditions but brings key organisational and logistical skills to the 5th Element Expeditions team. Your insurance, park fees, transfers and extractions are all in Jade’s safe hands.


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Jon McCabe

Professional Kite boarder and Instructor

Jon is a professional kite boarder for Ozone Kites. He specialises in both big wave riding and snow kiting. His unsurpassed kiting skills and easy-going nature make him an asset on any expedition.

Jon spends the majority of his time as a professional kite board instructor in Maui, Hawaii. He’s also a key organiser of the annual Snow Kite Jam in Anchorage, Alaska.

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Gavin Mulvay

Engineer and Kite Specialist

Gavin’s experience speaks for itself. He holds the world record for the longest kite-buggy journey. He achieved this in 2015 during his 2,000 kilometre unsupported odyssey, Mad Way Mongolia.

With an acute understanding of wilderness environments, unsurpassed navigational skills, and a pragmatic and creative approach to problem solving, Gavin is invaluable to any expedition.

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Christelle Le Baccon

Professional Kite boarder and Expedition Leader

Sydney-based Christelle is an international kiteboarder for Crazy Fly Kites. A rare talent, she started competing after just 3 short months of kiting. Today she is also sponsored by Hive Swimwear and Kite Power Sydney. After reaching the limits of the sport, Christelle tried her hand at adventure-based kiting and using kites as a means for travel.

Christelle brings these years of sporting and adventure kiting experience, as well as her calm and cheerful attitude to every expedition.

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Jack Forbes

Navy Submariner, Survivalist and Expedition Leader.

As a Navy submariner and diver, there aren’t many situations Jack hasn’t experienced first-hand. His calm demeanour and logical problem-solving strategies are pivotal to any expedition with 5th Element Expeditions.

Since 2012, Jack has proved his mettle by partaking in multiple pioneering expeditions, including a world-record kite crossing of the Torres Strait.


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