Horseback Safari, Kenya

Inspired by our visit to the wild horses in Aus, Namibia and reading accounts of some of the great horseback expeditions (Burke & Wills, Lewis & Clark and more) we were eager to birth some new concept expeditions, embracing the heart of Africa - 5th Element style.

Geoff has always admired one other expedition in particular, carried out by a certain David Livingston ("I presume.") We had spent some time visiting his museum in Zambia, reading through hand-written journal entries and analysing maps of his overland journey across Africa. It was plenty enough to spark thoughts of a fusion between his legacy and our love for all things equine.

We ended up in the conservancy of wildlife conservation maverick, Michael Prettejohn - staring at the foot of Mt Kenya. We acquired some Somali-cross horses (known for their incredible endurance and relatively unflappable nature) to accompany us on a few days safari through the conservancy - sleeping in a tented camp at night (well, more like "Glamping" at least.)

The rush of galloping through herds of Giraffe, Zebra and Impala was like nothing I've ever experienced. From the perspective of the African wildlife, we appeared to look nothing like humans on foot, but not quite like the horses they were used to seeing individually - therefore, curiously, they didn't feel threatened whatsoever and would carry on about their business.

This has certainly and radically changed the way one experiences an African Safari. Not to mention the magnificent scenery on offer in the background, Mt Kenya (standing proudly at 17,000ft or so.)

A plan was formulating - harness the power and endurance of our noble steeds to ride to the base of Mt Kenya before a 3 day hike up and 2 day descent, then riding back to the conservancy....

Keep an eye out for upcoming horseback expeditions coming soon!

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