Position: 72°02'36"N, 48°47'04"W
Altitude: 7024ft

The day opened with plumes of wind spun snow roaring along the ground outside our tent. We could hear it pitter and patter against the canvas, giving us confidence in some strong wind for the day ahead. Zipping open a slit in the door to confirm, it was on!! Blue skies, howling winds and not a cloud in sight.

We fired up our 9m kites with the intention for some fast flying! They took off like bright green hornets, whirring along above the white canvas below. You could hear the humming of lines in anticipation of speed! Geoff and I were "yeeha-ing" and flailing our arms madly in ecstasy. Trailing behind us, the all familiar dull scuffing noise of the sled tracks - though they didn't feel like the burden they usually were this day. Another spectacular morning, unhindered by our weary bodies as our spirits soared over the marshmallow-like snow.

Our first block was 3 hours in duration and excitingly, we were well on pace for the 24hr speed record. We covered 96km in the first block of effort, then decided to have a short break and press for another.

3 more hours and our distance covered was 85km. Still on pace for a formidable 24-hour time in theory, however, Greenland had thrown another hurdle into the mix. Lately, the midday sun has been converting the powdery layer of snow into a thick sludge. It would be great fun, if we were doing a day of spring-skiing but when you are towing your livelihood behind you, it becomes like a sea-anchor. We were quickly slowed from our dazzling pace to a jog and then a walking pace. The kite struggled more and more with each heave , until finally, we decided to pitch camp, recover and save some energy for tomorrow! So, this game of strategy continues - balancing the fine line between between pressing hard and playing it smart. After all, this odyssey is really the marathon of a lifetime.

Our daily total mileage was 182km by the time we'd picked camp. Our best yet.
*note: images coming out of Greenland are low res due to use of satellite phone data*

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