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With over 1800m of hot pink fabric, equipped with four x 5000 horse power burners, enough space for 450,000 cubic feet of hot air and a lifting capacity of over 3 tonne this balloon is a force to be reckoned with.

The Pink Apollo project will set out to break 2 world records.

  • The highest altitude achieved in a manually piloted, non-pressurised commercial aircraft (aiming for 40,000ft)
  • The greatest lateral distance achieved in a wing-suit. (currently around 28km)

In addition to this audacious goal, The Pink Apollo Project aims to raise $400,000 to contribute towards the McGrath Foundation, enabling them to assign more Breast Care Nurses to those patients and families in need.

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The people behind the Pink Apollo Project are as extraordinary as the opportunities it offers.

Geoff Wilson is a record-breaking Australian adventurer who most recently set a new world mark for the fastest solo and unsupported coast-to-coast crossing of Antarctica.

Murray Blyth is the youngest pilot in Australia to hold a chief pilot approval (with close to 1500 hours flying time) and was trained by Chris Dewhurst, the only man to have soared over Mount Everest in a hot air balloon.

Simon Goodburn is the general manager of 5th Element Expeditions and an upcoming adventurer in his own right, trained by Geoff Wilson.

Glenn & Heather Singleman – Australia’s leading wing suit pilots renowned for their extraordinary achievements, such as wing suiting across the Grand Canyon, USA.

Darius Brzozowski – Hot Air balloon pilot – leader of the Polska Stratosfera expedition (current altitude record holder)

Tad Smith – High altitude oxygen systems expert and skydiver.

Where: The expedition will take place at Wilpena Pound in South Australia.
When: First week of June – 2016

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