Thanks for joining to be part of Geoff and Simon’s record breaking attempt across Greenland. We hope you have had a chance to familiarise yourself with the features of the Run Down Under website and app which will assist you with recording all your runs and walks.

It’s now time to put all your runs and walks into your virtual crossing of Greenland! Here is everything you need to know:

Run Down Under have built maps, information and images that you can now access to be a virtual part of Geoff and Simon’s adventure. To register for this event, you must now go to https://www.runsoftheworld.com/events/ and enter the code – Greenland. You will need to set up your account again, your original subscription will not be valid for this event (it was only to get you familiar with our site function & features). Once re-registered, you will automatically be placed on the Greenland map and become part of the adventure.
You can register as a team if you want to. This is what you'll need to do:

  • *Simply come up with a TWO word name for your team and use this in the first name and surname sections when registering.

  • *You only set up one account as a team and then share the log in details with your team mates.

  • *Then all team members use this one account (and log in details) to record your distance run each day, using the website or the App.

  • *You won’t be able to use Strava if you are a team.

  • *The accomplishment emails (when you reach towns) will be sent to this one email, so the account holder needs to share this with other team members.

  • *You can always click on the map (My Journey) on the website to see where your team is at and what locations you have passed or are approaching. By clicking on the checkpoints, the visual pictures and information will be there for you all to see anytime.

We have worked with Run Down Under to provide magical pictures, a true map, and plenty of information, facts and “feelings” that will showcase and highlight what Geoff and Simon are up to. It is an amazing way to be part of their adventure, minus the cold, polar bears and lack of sleep! We hope you enjoy the journey alongside them and wish you all the best on your own virtual journey.

To register for this event, you must now go to:  https://www.runsoftheworld.com/events/ and enter the code – Greenland, and dont forget down download the App. Enjoy the race!  

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