Want to take the boys on as they tackle the 2700km journey across Greenland?

5th Element Expeditions has teamed up with virtual race app, Run Down Under, giving supporters the opportunity to race Simon and Geoff across the icy island, virtually. An innovate addition to the Nansens Cross Expedition, supporters can register to race for free using the code GREENLAND when signing up, bypassing the registration fee on checkout!

The concept is simple; log the km’s you run wherever you are in the world, and compare them to the distance the boys covered in Greenland that day – watching your virtual progress vs Geoff and Simon’s position on the map. You'll also learn about the amazing country of Greenland along the way, virtually seeing and hearing what the guys are going through on the expedition.

The pair begin their trek to Greenland today (May 7) and it’s a long way from down under, so you’ll have a few days to challenge a few mates, put together a team and register before they hit the ice. Aside from having a few world records in sight, Geoff and Simon also hope to raise over $100,000 for the McGrath Foundation, raising awarness for breast cancer along the way. Donations can be made on the 5th Element website.

Register to race Geoff and Simon on the Run Down Under website and download the App from the App store – It might be 2700km’s, but at least you wont be hauling a sled and dodging crevasses in sub zero temperatures!

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