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The Kokoda Trail is one of the most significant battles fought by Australians in WW2 and is perhaps one of the most pivotal moments in Australia’s history.

Deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, the Kokoda Track Campaign played out. Under-trained, under-equipped young Aussies held off the Japanese for over 4 months. From the valleys to the ridge-tops of the Owen Stanley Range, the spirit of courage, mateship and sacrifice still resonate even 70 years after the campaign.

A grueling 96km track through some of the world’s most inhospitable terrain is undoubtedly one of the best ways to pay homage to those that so gallantly fought in the war, securing our freedom.

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The Pink Koda expedition is a women’s only charity trek into the heart of the Owen Stanley Range.

In this expedition you’ll join breast cancer survivors and friends in raising funds for the McGrath Foundation. The Kokoda Trail is one of the most esteemed jungle treks in the world. The 6 days will be filled with mud, laughter, sweat and tears.

This is your chance to experience the jungle in all of its glory and to achieve something extraordinary with a group of like-minded women.

Day 1: Ex cap city to Port Moresby.

Day 2: Early transfer to Kokoda Village and start of hike.

Day 3-6: Significant hike days through the Owen Stanley range and memorial sites.

Day 7: Exit the Jungle at Owers Corner transfer via Bomana to POM (Port Moresby).

Day 8: Our journey ends and we all make out way home.

The difficulty of the Kokoda Trail is substantial. A minimum of 3 months of training is required. If you are feeling unfit, contact the 5th Element Expeditions team for some tips and training routines to prepare for the trek.

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