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This horseback trek through Patagonia will be an experience like no other. You, the 5th Element Expeditions team, and your noble steed will make your way through some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery and untouched wonders.

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This is the ultimate horseback adventure. A life-changing journey through one of the world’s most breathtaking and captivating regions, the Torres Del Paine.

Being in the saddle offers a unique viewpoint of this remarkable national park. It also gives you the chance to bond with one of the world’s most noble animals. The bond you and your horse will develop has to be experienced to be believed.

Details coming soon.

The journey itself is designed for those with competent horse-riding ability, but by no means are you required to be an expert.

Never ridden a horse? Come and train with the 5th Element Expeditions team at our headquarters on the Gold Coast.

A solid fitness foundation is crucial for this expedition. There will be a combination of long rides on horseback as well as intense hiking sections which will challenge even experienced expeditioners.

Use the enquiry form to the right to ask our team about training suggestions.

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