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Home to the Aurora Borealis, vast snow-covered plateaus and rich in polar history, this is a perfect training ground. Learn to survive and thrive in this wonderful environment with the help of the 5th Element Expeditions team.

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Our polar simulation training will take place in the hidden gem of the Northern Hemisphere. The plateaus of Norway are not only awe-inspiring, they’re also where Amundsen, Shackleton and Scott trained for their polar campaigns. With this in mind, we think the the Norwegian Plateaus are the perfect place for you to hone your polar survival skills as well as learn how to kite ski and more.

Over 8 days, you’ll cover a range of polar survival essentials:

  • Snow camping
  • Storm survival
  • Polar nutrition
  • Polar navigation
  • Polar travel – manhauling and kite skiing or boarding
  • Kite-assisted sled hauling
  • Communications
  • Thermal injury prevention and treatment techniques
  • Clothing systems
  • Traditional survival

Your instructors for this course will be experienced and inspiring adventurers, Geoff Wilson and Simon Goodburn.

Geoff is one of the world’s most experienced adventurers. In fact, he’s travelled more distance by kite than any other Australian. His passion for adventure and easy-going tuition style makes him the perfect teacher, no matter what level you’re at.

Simon is a passionate kite boarder, snowboarder and outdoorsman. He accompanied Geoff to set the record for the first team to cross the Torres Strait by kite and is rapidly becoming a world-class adventurer in his own right.

Itinerary is weather-dependent. On windy days, you’ll focus on kite-skill development and travel. On clear days with light wind, you’ll focus on navigational exercises, camp maintenance and survival skills.

An ability to ski or snowboard is an advantage, but it is not essential. The coaching will be done using a buddy system, so you’ll be paired with someone who has a similar skill proficiency to you.

A strong base level of fitness is crucial to the success of any expedition. If you are feeling unfit, contact the 5th Element Expeditions team for some tips and training routines to prepare for this course.

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