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Since 2012 when 5th Element Expeditions pioneered kite boarding in the Torres Strait, it has become one of our favourite kiting destinations. It’s home to crystal clear waters, marvelous sea life and most importantly, plenty of wind.

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In 2012, 5th Element Expeditions claimed another world record by being the first to kitesurf from Cape York, Australia to Daru, Papua New Guinea as part of the ECare 1000. It is now our signature expedition.

This is the ultimate kitesurfing challenge in some of the best kiteboarding conditions on earth. The Torres Strait has a reputation for being uninviting to say the least. It has shallow sand banks, extreme currents, whirlpools, powerful trade winds plus two varieties of bitey predators. For this reason, it demands respect from even the most seasoned adventurer.

The distance between Cape York and Papua New Guinea is roughly 300km as the crow flies. You and your team will be required to kite long distances, over open ocean in a strict pod formation. That’s a group of 4 kiters per 1 support vessel.

Some of the skills to be covered in the Torres Strait crossing include:

  • Navigation at sea
  • Learning to ride in a tight ‘pod’ formation
  • All-round endurance, stamina and mental toughness

There will be plenty of opportunity to free kite, fish, and mingle with the locals who have always supported our kite forays into the Torres.

Details coming soon.

This trip is for advance kite surfers only. Safety, as always, is critical during this expedition, particularly being on the open ocean as mother nature can be unpredictable at the best of times.

Moderate to high level of fitness required. You must be able to kite well upwind. You must also be able to hold an edge on one tack for anywhere up to four hours at a time through choppy and difficult seas.

All applications are subject to approval from 5th Element Expeditions.

If you can’t kite but would like to learn, contact us to find out more about our kiting lessons and training programs.

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