Geoff and Simon make it to Greenland.

May 10, 2017

Hotel Narsarsuaq

61º9’N, 45º24W

After an exhausting long-haul, we’ve finally made it to Greenland! Welcomed in by biting winds from the south and forecasts of severe weather on the way, here's a quick Blrt featuring aerial views of glaciers similar to the ones we will be climbing to get to the plateau.

Made with Blrt

Narsarsuaq is a quaint little town in the very south of Greenland. It’s home to a handful of houses a handful of people who all live within 500m of the airstrip along the iceberg-dotted coastline.

It was a huge relief to check-in to the hotel and discover our expeditions sleds had made it safely (and in one-piece.) One can’t fully comprehend the remoteness of this place until you’ve experienced the 40-hour transit to get here. It feels like nothing short of a miracle that our gear has made it here, thanks to our brilliant logistics team.

With bad-weather looming and threatening to pin us down for days on end we are keen to get up onto the plateau and moving as swiftly as possible.

A fortuitous chance-meeting with a local guy named Jackie has enabled us to secure our final supplies before we set off – after he pulled a few strings for us (phew!) - we still needed 15L of white-gas (for our MSR stove), some hand flares and a rifle in case of meeting a hungry polar bear (last resort, obviously) and 12kg of butter. All things that we couldn't travel with up to this point.

The supplies will be arriving by boat this afternoon as a “special delivery” from Narsaaq. In the meantime, we’ve been able to paste decals on our expeditions sleds, with an enormous sense of gratitude to all our sponsors which has them looking very expedition-ready.

The air is electric with anticipation as our minds-eye narrows in on the vast plains of white and bitter cold that await us.

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