After 4 days of waiting - the expedition start is imminent.

The day started off poorly – with a look out the window met with that inward groan and sinking feeling that meant no plans were going to go our way today. Bitterly cold with snow coming in sideways the outside world was harsh and unwelcoming. Even harsher however was the realization that no aircraft was coming into or leaving this isolated valley in the very south of Greenland today.

Simon and I did our best to act cheerful, but in reality it was another setback in an Expedition that thus far has been delayed 4 days in a row. Whilst Narsarsuaq is a delightful place to spend a few hours, after days on end – you begin to feel sympathies for the two poor souls in “passengers” who wake up onboard a ship headed for outer space years ahead of time. It’s Groundhog Day again and again.
For Simon’s temperament it is disappointing but manageable – more food to eat, more movies to watch, more recovery to be had, more vistas to enjoy. For my A.D.D personality type, it is crushing, I feel like a caged animal and rage and roar against the firmament and all things that appear to conspire to keep me bound against my will. Madness threatens in a comfy hotel room just as much in an Antarctic storm bound tent.

However after so many expeditions now in so many countries across the world, I am able to calm myself somewhat. Calm myself in the realization that a slow start doesn’t mean a slow end, and sometimes a weather hold is merely protecting us from other things we don t see. Dodging bullets you never saw. It never feels like someone looking out for you, as you never even heard the whine of the projectile that missed you. In this case it feels a little like that, but who knows maybe that’s just the optimist in me.

This evening local time, the mountains fringing this cold desolate bay poked their majestic heads through the clouds, and for a moment it seems possible that we may fly tomorrow. Tomorrow we may start this endeavor and begin the long journey home. It’s always been a journey home for me, and this one is no different. We aim to make good decisions and within those bounds, push as hard as humanly possible to create some Polar history in our own small way. Sarah, my love I am on my way home at last x.

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